10 Best PDF to Excel Converter Offline Software Reviewed Of 2019

PDF to Excel converters play a significant role in today’s organizations. Professionals need these tools to ensure that data entry is precisely conducted. Having a PDF to XLSX converter allows a professional to become more efficient.

When looking for a PDF to XLS converter, you’ll need to find one which supports all the formats of Microsoft Excel. Besides, a converter that’s capable of retaining all the tables and columns from a PDF. It’ll in return save you some time since you won’t have to re-edit the Excel document.

Finding the best converter, therefore, might take you some time. And to save this time, we’ve researched the top PDF to Excel converters in the market.


iSkysoft PDF Editor

iSkysoft PDF Editor

A familiar interface is always welcome when choosing the best PDF to Excel converter. iSkysoft makes it easier for you to adapt since it has a layout similar to Microsoft Excel. Therefore, when converting PDFs to XLSX format, you’ll be able to have an easier time. Nonetheless, here are some more reasons for choosing iSkysoft:

  • Windows compatibility
  • PDF editing and creation options
  • Less expensive
  • Batch processing
  • OCR support


All these features might seem appealing; however, for OCR, you’ll have to pay some more. The standard version costs $100; however, it still lacks some of the essential features. An additional $60 will unlock all these features. If you overlook this, you’re able to enjoy iSkysoft.

Batch processing is essential for professionals. If you have tons of PDF documents to convert, you’ll be able to drag and drop into the converter. Therefore, you needn’t worry about converting the PDFs one by one.


Soda PDF Converter

Soda PDF Converter_

When converting PDFs to XLSX format, you need to ensure that you find a converter that’s simple to use. Soda PDF allows you to convert as many PDFs as you’d like. More so, the available editing features make it easier for you to change any layout or information within the XLS document.

Besides this, below are some of the unique features of Soda PDF:

  • Encryption
  • Splitting and merging documents
  • Digital signature support
  • Annotations
  • Watermarking

Within an organization, collaboration is key. When sharing the converted documents, you need to limit the people who have access. Soda PDF ensures that all the XLS documents have a password. One which you’ll only share with selected people.

Besides, when converting the PDFs, you have the option of splitting or merging them. In return, you’ll save time. When merging documents, you ensure that you consolidate all the information in one single XLS document.


Wondershare PDF to Excel Converter


If a PDF has a format you’d like to retain, Wondershare will assist you in achieving this. Therefore, you don’t have to reformat the XLS document. Everything remains intact, thus making it easier to figure out other changes to make. Nonetheless, here are more reasons for choosing Wondershare PDF converter:

  • Intuitive UI
  • OS support
  • Format retention
  • Different output options
  • Batch conversion

Wondershare is simple to use. The user interface is unique and has everything properly laid out for you. Therefore, you won’t have a hard time converting PDFs to XLS format. Besides, with the multiple output options, you can choose whether to save the information in a single document or have it in multiple XLS pages.

Drag and drop are also available. This allows you to use batch conversion properly. Therefore, you can save time by converting multiple documents at once. Besides, you can choose the specific pages that you’d like to convert.


PDF Suite


When converting a PDF document, PDF suite allows you to view the specific pages. Besides, you can edit them to ensure that all the information remains intact. Through this, you save yourself some time since you needn’t take too much time checking the XLS documents.

Why PDF Suite?

  • One-click convert
  • Password encryption
  • Review PDFs
  • OS support
  • Online and offline support

At times, you’re bound to come across an issue; you need a converter with 24/7 support. It’ll allow you to resolve any issues in no time. Besides, you’re able to continue using the converter. PDF suite has the best support be it online or offline.


Cogniview PDF2XL


If you deal with multiple pages of XLS documents, you’ll love Cogniview. The converter has support for up to 500 pages per minute. Therefore, you needn’t worry about saving time. With batch conversion, you’re certain that in no time, you can have all the PDF documents in editable XLS format. More so, here are some reasons for choosing Cogniview:

  • Format retention
  • Batch conversion
  • Multiple language support
  • Windows support
  • Instant preview


While PDF conversion is underway, you’re able to view all the changes. The preview pane enables you to notice some changes that you’ll have to make. More so, you’ll ensure that everything is going on smoothly. Besides, you can choose some of the data to change while converting.

Having multiple language support means that you can convert PDFs from a foreign language. This is suitable for international organizations. Thus ensuring that no matter the language, you’ll convert the PDF to a readable XLS format.


Able2Extract Professional


Being one of the most powerful converters in the market, Able2Extract is capable of converting PDFs to XLS formats by utilizing AutoCAD. The technology enables Able2Extract to retain any data and format during the conversion process. More so, here are more reasons for choosing Able2Extract:

  • OCR support
  • Customizable
  • Annotations
  • Redaction
  • Creation, editing, and filling of PDF forms
  • Bates numbering


The bates numbering option allows you to customize and insert your bates. That is, it makes it easier for professional indexing of legal, medial and business documents. You’re able to customize the sequence, text and the formatting of the Bates numbering.


Nonetheless, OCR allows you to read documents no matter the language. The ability to scan and convert the document means that you needn’t worry about the original language. You can choose the output language to ensure that the XLS document is not only readable but editable.


TalkHelper PDF Converter

TalkHelper PDF Converter

To be amongst the best PDF to Excel converters, TalkHelper provides you with support for all Microsoft Excel formats. Meaning that no matter the Microsoft Office version, you’ll be able to run the converted PDF documents. More so, you can also share the XLSX documents with anyone, and they won’t have any problems.

There’s more that TalkHelper has to offer, some which include:

  • Windows platform support
  • OCR support
  • Multiple languages support
  • Splitting and merging


TalkHelper has support for up to 46 languages. It’s made possible with the OCR technology. No matter the language any document is in, you can scan it to a PDF and convert it to a readable and editable XLSX format.

Since it’s a Windows platform software, you’re able to run it on any Windows version. Therefore, you’ll be able to edit, split and merge PDF documents before conversion. You also can choose to retain the format before converting any PDF document to XLS.


iLovePDF PDF To XLS Converter


Online tools are becoming more common nowadays. With iLovePDF, you’re able to carry your work with you. It’s a converter that you can use whenever you like. The fact that it’s online makes it usable from any device. Meaning that you don’t need to have a PC. Besides, there are more reasons for choosing iLovePDF, some which include:

  • PDF merging and splitting
  • Document compression
  • Watermarking
  • PDF repair
  • Document protection
  • Organizing documents
  • Cloud support


After converting a PDF document to XLS, iLovePDF allows you to protect it. Its an ideal solution for professionals. When collaborating, you’ll only share the Excel document with a few people. Therefore, they’ll make any changes and later share the document with you.

Furthermore, when you’re unable to convert a corrupted PDF document, iLovePDF can repair the damage — thus ensuring that no data is lost. Furthermore, you’re able to ensure that with such potential, all your data is safe, be it in PDF form or XLS form.


Weeny Free PDF to Excel Converter


Weeny is available both online and offline. If you’d like to have a portable converter, the offline version is only 2.25 MB large. For the online version, you needn’t worry about the size or device since you can use it anywhere. You can carry your work with you and ensure that it’s safe.

Here are some additional reasons for considering Weeny:

  • Page range
  • Intuitive UI
  • Free
  • Drag and drop
  • Editing options
  • Output options


Furthermore, Weeny is free. Something uncommon with most PDF to XLS converters. Being free makes it easy to use. The user interface doesn’t have confusing options. It’s a one-click tool. Meaning that all you need to do is add your PDF file and convert it to XLS in no time.


Nitro Pro


You need software which is easy to use. Nitro Pro has a familiar Microsoft Office interface – thus ensuring that you can easily find your way around. As for converting PDFs to Excel, it’s a simple process as well. All your options are easily laid out to ensure that you don’t make any mistakes. Attached are additional reasons for using Nitro Pro:

  • Cloud support
  • Batch conversion support
  • OCR support
  • Security features
  • Digital signature support


As a professional, there are several things that’ll make you opt for Nitro. Cloud support being one of them. With different cloud options like Dropbox and Google Drive, you’re able to store and upload any PDFs to convert.