5 Great Chrome Extensions to Capture Screen Videos on Your Devices

The need for screen capture solutions has grown with time and this has brought in many developers who are on a quest to satisfy this need. Of course, there are many types of screen recorder software out there in the market and their working differs depending on what you are looking forward to. For instance, there are offline desktop screen capture apps while others function in an online environment. In this article, our interest lies in the online variants of tools to capture screen video and to be precise, those that happen to be available as Chrome extensions.

As we all know, Chrome is a leading web browser that happens to have a plethora of extensions that help achieve various tasks conveniently. We will not just look at any extensions but those that fit in the list of the best Chrome screen recorder go-to solutions. Therefore, if you are an avid Chrome user and you need to achieve screen recording capabilities, here is a boatload of the best Chrome screen recorder apps that you take advantage of and sail yourself to a successful process.




Even with the ability to provide you with a wide range of ways to capture screen video on your computer, this good screen recorder app does not stop its awesomeness there. It goes the extra mile to ensure that the target audience of the video will have an easy time focusing on the important areas thanks to the various annotation tools at your disposal.

To be specific, this Chrome extension opens you up to click highlights, a drawing pen and even activating a spotlight for the mouse and all these are geared towards grabbing the attention of the viewer. As one of the best Chrome screen recorder apps, you need not worry about losing the captured screen video as it is autosaved in your Google Drive besides generating an instant share link for you when you need to share. On top of that, you can choose to upload to YouTube directly or just download as an MP4, MP3, or just as an animated GIF.



This is by far the best Chrome screen recorder app that gives you one of the easiest ways to capture the screen in the PNG image format. It has actually been considered to be the fastest in this industry when you need to capture and annotate images conveniently as a Chrome extension. Basically, you can take a snapshot and then immediately jump to the side panel to add necessary comments and then share it at the click of a single button.

With this, it means that the target audience will be able to understand better what the image is about by looking at the dedicated comment and annotation area. The moment you capture a snapshot, it is uploaded to the clipboard with a shareable link that you can make use of however you deem necessary. This online program is very good at its job when you are looking forward to visual feedback or collaboration with the target audience.



Individuals and mostly businesses will definitely fall in love with this powerful piece of screen capture software when you look at the features it has to offer. It helps you communicate with your audience better by giving you the necessary tools to capture screen video on your computer. Actually, you have the chance to appreciate unlimited screen and webcam recording capabilities all in an online environment without the need for any specialized software or prior experience.

Better yet, it has proven to be the best Chrome screen recorder that delivers video editing features that go a long way to refine the video you have captured. This is on top of providing thumbnail customization and integrating services like Outlook and Gmail that come in handy when you need to share the captured screen video conveniently.


Nimbus Chrome


The best Chrome screen recorder software list cannot miss this top online app that lets you capture screen video from the desktop screen, a full webpage, part of a webpage, or the webcam depending on your preferred working mode. In the instance you need to take snapshots, this chrome extension has got you covered whether you are after full or partial screenshots. In fact, taking scrolling screenshots is just like a knife through butter when this top app is part of your artillery.

Regarding the screencasts that you make, you can always trim and crop them when you need to remove any unwanted parts of the video before the eventual sharing. Better yet, you have the choice of saving the final video in MP4 format or just generate an animated GIF depending on which one augurs the best with you. Even after you are done with the screen capture process, an overly efficient upload and sharing process awaits you without any hassle.


Openvid Chrome Extension


This is the best Chrome screen recorder app when you are looking to record videos and share screen guides with a certain target audience. It rides on the slogan that a picture is worth a thousand words therefore perfect for those tutorials or training videos. To be specific, you get the chance to capture a short video of any part of your screen and have the video saved on the cloud to save you on the local storage besides facilitating an easy sharing process.

Better yet, you can personalize the video using the PiP mode that is achieved with the webcam. There are no limitations whatsoever when it comes to the functionality of this online app and the fact that it is available for free means that you need not dig deep in your pocket to enjoy its features. In addition to that, being a Chrome extension means that you get to escape the tedious and time-consuming process of going through complex software installation processes.

As you have come to learn, there are lots of tools that make up the list of the best Chrome screen recorder programs and all that remains is for you to settle on just the one that proves to perform the magic you are looking for. All you need to do is arm yourself with the popular Chrome web browser and definitely rock the best Chrome screen recorder to get started. The process to capture screen video has never been this convenient.