POC MicroSolutions is a start-up company promoted by IKERLAN-IK4. Our main goal is to deliver to the market POC Diagnostic Solutions based on scientific and technological developments in the field of "Lab On a Chip" (LOC) that has been generated over the years through various national and international research collaborative programs as well as internal research projects of IKERLAN’s Microsystems group.

POC MicroSolutions Designs, Integrates and Manufactures customized platforms for Molecular In Vitro Diagnostics, with the objective to deliver solutions for POC diagnostics.

These platforms aim to deliver solutions for the IVD market for diagnostic and monitoring of various diseases, with the emphasis on Human Health and primarily Infectious Diseases. Our speciality and innovative contribution is focused on the integration of biochemical processes into miniaturized, disposable and standardized plastic cartridges (Lab on a Chip concept), providing functions integration (sample preparation, biochemical process and detection), low cost and efficiency equivalent to the classical assays developed in laboratories.

The solutions we offer are bringing different advantages over current means of In Vitro Diagnostics. Our approach incorporates additional value, especially in cases where early and rapid diagnostics has a high impact on fighting the disease, or when it is required that the diagnosis results are obtained quickly and near the patient.

Our approach allows to reduce the time and costs of the healthcare and provides benefits for the patients.