8 Best PDF Converter Reviewed (Offline version & Free Download)

PDF converting software is a program designed to change a PDF file which is scanned or password protected into an editable Microsoft Word, Excel, images, PowerPoint and EPUB files. The application users choose depends wholly on the work one needs to be done by the software. In this case, users keep researching on the best Free Download PDF converting software from this link they can use on their PC.

It’s worth noting that some PDF converters have always touted themselves as the best PDF converters whereas they offer dissatisfaction to users who opt to use them. In this case, this article focuses on recommending the best applications that can deliver what you want depending on your tasks. In addition, the software we have compiled in our list have been reviewed in order of quality satisfaction to the users.


WPS PDF Converter

The WPS application is one of the most popular software to android mobile users. Generally, this program deals with office application such as Word, Excel and PPT. Recently, the WPS PDF Converter introduced the PDF to Word converter which has blown the internet. The software is easy to use and comes with unique features you should try out.

It allows user to drag files directly to the WPS converting program where you get a list of command options you can select. Once you choose the command key, the whole process commences and within a short time, the file is already converted. It’s important to note that the WPS PDF converting software can also convert files into DOCX. This is a small additional feature that forces us list this program among the best PDF converting software. The WPS PDF converter maintains the format and the style of the original file as well as retaining the good quality of the original file.



  • Provides top-notch conversion output.
  • Unlimited conversion range


  • Expensive subscription cost.


TalkHelper PDF Converter

The TalkHelper PDF Converter is among the best programs that deliver top-notch conversions to clients. Usually, it’s an easy to use application that converts PDF files into editable documents. This program has well-crafted UX and UI making it easier for you to convert the PDF files into Word documents.

This program allows you to drag and drop the files on the software then quickly converts the PDG files into editable documents. If you have been seeking to have robust PDF converter, just google TalkHelper, download the app, install then begin the process of dragging the files to the converter. After dragging the PDF file, you are required to choose the output format you require. However, this software has a default output format set at word so there is no need of a lot of changes.

talkhelper pdf converter


  • User-friendly
  • Comes with a bookmark feature
  • Very efficient application
  • Cheap to purchase


  • Takes long to load large PDF files

Free Online OCR

The Free Online OCR can never miss on our list of the best PDF converters for windows. This software maintains high quality output as it was from the PDF. It is an online app that uses Optical Character Recognition technology to ensure the scanned files are exactly the same as the delivered output. If you want to convert your documents, you are required to upload the files on the web, convert the file and then download the output within seconds.

One notable unique feature about the Free Online OCR is that it does not email users the output via the email. Such features are ideal to new users thus being a reason why you should go for it. Besides, using the Free Online OCR doesn’t necessarily require a PC to convert files.  All you have to do is logging into the website through a smartphone and scan the documents you need converted.




  • Possible to convert scanned documents
  • Converted documents are downloaded on the web and not from the email


  • Converts a single file every round.
  • Fails to display and convert colored texts and background


Adobe PDF Converter


Adobe PDF converter_4

The Adobe PDF converter boasts the most unrivaled options by other PDF converting software. This software is the pioneer and the most used PDF converter all over the world. One good reason that makes Adobe stand out is the cloud subscription package it comes with. This subscription allows users work together both physically and remotely thereby easing the creation, modification and transfer of output. Also, assurance and the security of the output is guaranteed.

The software has a sleek design allowing users to smoothly clean, navigate and access the files. It’s worth realizing the prompt support service in a case of hitches with the program. If you are planning to use the software for official use or for personal use be guaranteed high quality output without hassle.


  • Has better customer service than other PDF converters
  • Efficient with good security of information
  • Ideal for many users.


  • Very expensive especially to regular users
  • Fails to support large array formats for PDF


Foxit PhantomPDF Standard


To appear in our list of the best PDF converting programs, a software must offer top-notch services to clients. Good thing the Foxit PhantomPDF Standard is not an exception. This application has a strong cloud service that makes it stand out above other PDF converters. This software allows users to work together as a team and access one document at a go.

This feature is very advantageous when all workers have to work on a similar document. In this case, the Foxit Phantom PDF converter makes it possible for users to write reviews or analysis of a document before the completion of the document. This software comes with a tracking system whereby an admin can notice anytime a document is opened.


  • Easy to use the software
  • Comes with a Cloud Service to work on large documents


Wondershare PDF Converter

Derived from its name, the Wondershare PDF Software never fails to astonish users of the PDF converters for windows. How much costs plus what it delivers does not match. The Wondershare PDF converter is a simple program that can convert documents just by few clicks yet large files.

Despite being a simple software with quality output, this program can only convert Microsoft Excel. PPT, HTML and Word into PDF rather than PDF files to other formats. Users who want to feel the pride in converting files from PDF to other files and back to PDF, this is not the software to go for.



  • Easy-to-se software
  • Faster with no Hassle conversion
  • Cost-effective


  • Only converts documents into (HTML/PPT, Word, Excel) to software.

Nitro Pro

Nitro Pro is one of the most outstanding PDF Converters for windows. The software converts universal compatible PDF’s maintaining a smile to the users. Previously, PDF documents could be opened on a PC but when the same file is opened on a smart phone, it’s not compatible. Good thing the Nitro Pro comes with the solution for incompatibility.

Notably, once you convert your PDF document into a word document, the document becomes automatically compatible with any device. With this assurance, the software has attracted positive reviews from us and other clients. This program comes to make the transfer of files from one device to the other easier and faster. When converting documents to PDF, the Nitro Pro boasts a unique feature in editing the output. This feature allows users change fonts, the styles and customize the document before presenting the output.



  • Supports collaborative review
  • Compatible with any device
  • Has the editing feature

Icecream PDF Converter


When it comes to customer satisfaction, the Icecream PDF converter tops the list. This software has dynamic tools that allow PDF conversions into other desirable formats and back to the regular format. The vice versa features are what makes everyone love the Icecream PDF converter. Besides, the Ice-cream PDF converting software comes with a fast processing power capable of converting all files by a click of a button. The program is easy to use and recommendable to first time users of PDF Converters.

The Ice-cream PDF Converter has an option of page layout of your final converted document. In this case, you can select the page you want the software to work on and ignore the rest. This unique feature promotes this software on our best PDF converters for windows. If you are impressed by this review, don’t hesitate to download the free trial and feel the experience.


  • Converts multiple files
  • Comes with an option for the layout setting
  • Supports bulk conversion


  • The full version is expensive for the regular users.



Summing up, we always recommend our readers to always go for a PDF converting software that ensures all your information is safe. Users should also check whether the software you opt to buy is compatible with the operating system of your computer. In addition, clients should keenly check on the features their software have. This would ensure you get high quality output for your projects. Lastly, keep in mind that the best PDF Converters come at price, don’t be surprised.