11 Best Screen Recorder Software For Windows 7/8/10

These days there quite many people who would stress when they can’t record computer screen, not because they want to but simply because it’s unavoidable when you have something good going on on your computer. There’re people who actually like to record online tutorials, game plays as well as capture some video calls and save them for future reference but still it’s a challenge for them to find worth best screen recorder to use on windows PC that can serve all your desires.

Hence, today, we take a moment to list down for you the best screen recorder software for windows 7 &10 : https://www.talkhelper.com/best-screen-recorder-software-for-windows/ that you could consider at some point in your life to use / start recording your projects, and get an opportunity to share them with friends or families on YouTube since most of these third party apps allow users to upload videos on site for others to watch.

Additionally, Not only will this list save you time, it will as well save you the hustle of first checking out every top screen recording software you may come across on the internet. I could say a lot more, but i like to keep my articles precise and to the point. Let’s go!



Ezvid Screen Recorder (Best Quality)

Ezvid is a simple screen recorder used for recording tutorials on windows. The good screen recording software has got a clear interface which makes screen recording easier, It comes with built in editor that helps you edit videos the way you would want them to be, however it will kind of put you in a tight position if you want to record your work projects on the screen and its restricted to only 45minutes of screen recording with its free version, but if you want to record more than that, The tool has got a pro version which is paid for with of course unlimited recording.


  • Its watermark free
  • Editing features
  • Saves videos on YouTube


  • Restricted to only 45min of recording
  • Inability to save recordings on PC


SmartPixel (Best Price)

Have you been desperately searching for a handy screenshot tool? Try out SmartPixel Screen recorder. This app is suitable for those who are so much into recording lessons, plus YouTube videos etc. Its feature rich and one of them is that you can record screen video in picture-in-picture mode and on top of that there’s an option for you to take videos in different formats in case you would like to upload your recordings on sites such as Facebook or YouTube. Otherwise, its main downfall is that it crashes in the process of screen recording but has got you covered with editing tools.


  • There’s access to upload recordings on YouTube channel
  • Capability to record screen in hard drive
  • Edit screen recording video with too much ease


  • Not so easy to use
  • Needs more resources


Icecream Screen Recorder (Best Compatibility)

Do you want to successfully capture any portion of your screen video as well as record game play video on windows? Make Icecream your friend. This application will effortlessly take screenshots the way you would like and you will find it more user friendly compared to SmartPixel. It has got simple features for both audio and video which don’t limit you, for instance, you have options to trim out parts you don’t like in your screen video and there’s also ways to export videos in various formats, Furthermore, with this app, it’s possible to hide your cursor and no one would know that there’s a screen recording going on your screen.


  • Records game play video
  • Allows user to schedule screen recording


  • Minimal editing options
  • Free version comes with watermarks

TinyTake (Best Features)

Meet TinyTake, a great tool that is spyware free used on Microsoft windows 7 and Mac. This screencasting software is one of the more common ways used to capture screen and record screen video of your PC.

It’s also available for free and will make it easy for you take captures of your entire screen or just regions of what you want and share with colleagues in just a very short time. Speaking of sharing videos, you can too, take screenshots of your video and make a photo gallery out of it. All depends on what you prefer using this software for.


  • Offers 120 minutes of recording
  • Supports zooming In/Out
  • Can record with webcam


  • There’s no commentary with the free one


Debut Video Capture

For all you need to get your screen video recorded is Debut Video Capture. This is a free application for windows that is not only used to record screen video from webcam but also to capture your screen.

Once you get this on your windows, you would have solved your problem because you will be able to record your screen video and save the precious moments of your video for future use. Without thinking hard, this tool could be worth a try, check it out and see how it goes.


  • Easy to manage
  • Offers more than one formats to save video


  • Sneak peek is complicated when screen recording

TalkHelper Screen Recorder


Anyone who knows/has some knowledge about third party apps for screen recording, knows about TalkHelper. This top recording capture software has always been exceptional. First of all, it’s got the most user friendly interface, and super reliable when it comes to recording screen video and capture screen on your PC, secondly, it gives you seven days of absolutely free recording without any useful restrictions with its trial version.

Unlike others, you will record as much as you want with in the trial days and you won’t find any difficulty. Well, you could now be wondering, what if I want to record forever? If you want to record forever, then you pay for its pro version which is for a lifetime.


  • Suitable for both business & personal use
  • It’s simple to use
  • Offers various formats


  • For only windows


ShareX Screen Recorder

This is an exciting screen recorder that will let you take screenshots of your video at just the click of a button. ShareX is irresistible as it offers more than you would ever imagine, you can smoothly record screen video on your screen with this top windows software. Luckily, it has got an option to upload recorded game plays or videos taken on your existing server such as dropox, YouTube etc. Much as it’s an open source application, it can still record the full window or just certain regions of your PC which makes it quite convenient and flexible to use.


  • Ability to share videos
  • Takes both video screen and screenshots


  • Not very simple to set up

BB Flashback Express

You have probably wished to use a best screen recorder that is multifunctional for your windows, and here comes BB Flashback Express. This software is simple and functional in such a way that it will let you record great video tutorials and take screenshots of the ongoing video.

Also, when you use this app to record screen video, it directly uploads the videos on YouTube and other sites which is cool for you. To use this great app, all you have to do is install it on your screen, make configurations which are very easy and you will have to follow its menu to get started with the screen recording.


  • It’s simple to use
  • Will upload video right to the Youtube.


  • It’s a bit laggy
  • Has got no tools for editing
  • Supports only 2 formats


iSpring Free Cam

You will find that the easiest way to create screencasts, record screen video and take screenshots is through using iSpring Free Cam. It will enable you to record good videos with no limit and be in position to upload them to YouTube for others to watch if you want it that way.

Interestingly, just like its name suggests, it’s available for free and suitable for professional screen video recording and other lectures. Another thing we like about this software is because of its high quality videos, it’s clean and you won’t find anything like watermarks. You will be 100% confident with whatever you record on your entire screen with this good screen recording application.


  • Ability to highlight mouse
  • Easy to cut out unwanted parts of the video
  • Allows you to trim out background sounds


  • There’s no webcam video with the free version


Screencast-O-Matic Screen Recorder

Like we all know that recording video tutorial is the in thing now, we also need to find simple ways to go about it. Good news is that, there’s Screencast O-Matic which obviously makes it a lot more convenient and effective for you by letting users to screen record videos in high quality. This tool will capture your screen of any recorded video then upload it straight to YouTube.

In addition, you will like it more since it doesn’t take ages to record screen, it only does it in seconds’ effortlessly. Nevertheless, it has some watermarks but they’er not that visible unless you just to be critical.


  • It’s a high speed tool
  • It’s painless


  • Comes without editing tools for video
  • Has no zoom in & out feature


Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder

Just like the name suggests, Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder! With this software, forget about the download you first make when getting a good screen recorder on windows, this one is special since it’s used over the internet and of which it doesn’t cost any coin. All it requires you to do is go to your web and open the application.

The other thing is it enables you to record your audio and video at the same time which is not common with other recorders. Then it’s also possible to edit all your recorded screencasts by adding texts, titles and more.


  • Has various formats to export recorded video i.e asf, wmv, mp4 etc
  • Records more than one task
  • Allows you to share videos


  • Pops up links in the menu


OBS Studio

Open Broadcaster Software often called or known as OBS has been ranked as one of the most solid screen recorder for people who like to record gameplay on PC. This top screencast software lets its users to record screen video as well as stream tutorials simultaneously and offers different options to screen capture your PC. It involves setting up but of course you could use the other option on windows 10, it’s got a quick start which is fairly good. If you want to capture screen and audio at the same time, then check out OBS.


  • It’s a powerful screen recorder
  • It’s an open source app
  • Free for windows, Linux & Mac
  • Records video with audio


  • Not simple to set up

Camtasia Studio

Looking for a functional video editor screen software you can use for your YouTube videos? Camtasia Studio is the way to go. This application will surprise you the way it could record any activity on your screen, you can use it to record the entire screen and also add music to the videos you record to make them stand out. Furthermore, when you record and feel like the screen video is plain, you have a choice to add in some fun words, or effects before you share it.


  • Has video editing tools
  • It’s possible to edit video directly in the window


  • No time scheduling for recording

Bandicam Screen Recorder

Bandicam Screen Recorder is an easy software used to record whatever business that may happen on your screen for windows, for example; you can record videos of the PC or other game plays you might think of. It’s a useful application not because it’s easy to control but simply because it gives wonderful results when you screen record videos and other important features like being able to hide your cursor during the time of screen casting. Users can as well choose the size of the video they want to use, weather small or big, you will be able to record smoothly and in excellent quality.


  • Records high quality videos
  • Simple to use


  • It watermarks videos