POC MicroSolutions aims to be a company whose primary goal is to deliver solutions for Personalized Medicine for medical professionals and patients by developing and enabling a Complete Solution for Non-Invasive Diagnostics.

Our commercial offer essentially consists of two components: Desktop Reader, and disposable Microfluidic Chip.

Our advantage is the ability to:

  • define,
  • design and
  • produce

all the necessary subsystems and in their incorporation into a Complete Solution for POC Diagnostic market.

We are taking the advantage of:

  • the growing IVD POC market
  • the know-how in the field of microfluidic and Embedded Electronic Systems supported by IKERLAN-IK4

Together, we intend to take a strong position on the POC diagnostic market, by providing an integrated and complete solutions based on Customised Desktop Reader and Disposable Microfluidic Platform

Although the main impact area for our customized POC Molecular In Vitro Diagnostics platforms is the Human Health sector, it is clear that this approach has broad application opportunities in other sectors and market segments as well, such as food safety, veterinary, forensic or environmental pollution applications